Borgo - Pieve a Salti

The Borgo


In this section we show some routes designed for you (with the relative distances, the departure is considered to be Buonconvento) and also the typical occurrences that characterize our province. For more information about wine tastings, typical products or exclusive excursions do not hesitate to contact the reception.

The Borgo of Pieve a Salti

The Borgo consists of six large farms, located on top of a hill offering breathtaking landscapes, relaxation areas, a large outdoor pool and an indoor pool.

Landscapes and Exteriors

Enjoy unique views of the world, varied and typical of our beautiful region. The view from Pieve a Salti is wonderful, being located on top of a hill.

The Horseback Riding

Our horseback riding will allow you to get in touch with our magnificent horses, beautiful and majestic animals..